Driver Test

Driver Test 1.0

Driving simulator software

The Driver Test software is a learning program that helps people learns how to drive a motor vehicle. This program is in three dimensions and can be used by students who are learning how to drive a car.

The Driver Test program is highly interactive and it makes you feel that you are really on the road cruising along the streets and highways. The program's aim is to orient a driving student regarding road safety, and it improves the learner's initial mental driving skills to augment their reaction response to road situations.

The Driver Test can also be used by people who are still too young to enroll in a driving school. It helps them acquire the initial principles that they need to know for when they come of age and formally enroll in a driving school.

User reviews about Driver Test

  • OrcinusAdamantos

    by OrcinusAdamantos

    "Its okay."

    Honestly real video games, like Need For Speed (original) on the Panasonic 3DO, GranTurismo 5, rFactor on the PC, when p... More.

    reviewed on July 18, 2012